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Air Column Box Making Machine

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Main technical parameters of inflatable Air Column Box Making Machine EVS-1200:

1. PE-PA high pressure material is very suitable for this machine.

2. The maximum output width and unwinding diameter are 1200mm and 650mm respectively.

3. The bag making speed is between 50-90 bags per minute.

4. The mechanical speed can reach 110pcs/min.

5. Bag size can be from 60mm-200mm.

6. Bag width ≤ 1200mm, bag length 450mm.

7. The diameter of the exhaust expansion shaft is 3 inches.

8. The self-winding function is suitable for a diameter of 2 inches.

9. The required power supply voltage is between 220v-380v, and the frequency is 50Hz.


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Inflatable air chamber packaging machine, inflatable protective air-column packaging conversion line, inflatable protective air-column packaging.

Inflated air cushion column bag machine also called Inflatable protective air-column packaging machine is a mechanical designed production line with all the advanced technology to make all kinds of airbag, cushioning bag, filling bag, paper airbag by PE Co-extruded film. The products are low cost, saving space, re-cycling, easy packing, labor saving, and long time airtight for stock and transportation. Widely used in the packaging like small household appliances, computer communication and electronic consumables, logistics and transportation, lamps and fragile high-end consumer goods, business gifts, automotive electronics and electrical products. Electronic product packaging; alcohol packaging; green environmental protection materials; buffer packaging; home appliance packaging; alcohol anti-counterfeiting packaging; computer packaging; new packaging materials; instrumentation; precision instrument packaging products. Widely used in toner cartridges, all lamps, GPS, computers, electronics, printing supplies: (ink cartridges, toner cartridges, etc.); electronic products and other products of the inner packaging, can be used as a filler, play a role in moisture, water, and earthquake resistance.

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1. The whole production line benefits from the wide frequency range of the frequency converter, which can realize precise control and stepless speed change. Separate release and pick-up motors further increase productivity.

2. Pneumatic shaft is used for unwinding and unwinding, making it easy to load and unload products.

3. Machines A and B have functions such as automatic homing, alarm, and shutdown to ensure stable and efficient operation.

4, Inflatable protective air-column packaging production line is equipped with fully automatic EPC device on unwinding part to make film even.

5. The rewinding and unwinding parts are equipped with advanced sensors that deliver reliable film delivery and stable unwinding for uninterrupted operation.

6. The main machine features an integrated motor reducer brake that eliminates belt chaining and reduces noise, resulting in increased stability, and precision.

7. The B machine is equipped with a photo-eye EPC that ensures even tighter and flatter film for optimal packaging.

8. The combined A+B machine is an optional feature that offers increased productivity by streamlining the production process.

9. Our upgraded model may not be the longest-running machine, but it is the most advanced version available in China. Increasingly more renowned packaging companies are opting for our air column cushion bag production line machines for their exceptional performance.

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Application& related items

Air column bags provide affordable and practical solutions for various industries such as small factories, warehouses, e-commerce, retail stores, express logistics, printing consumables, ceramics, cosmetics, glass bottles and wine bottles, and electronic equipment. Mobile phones, iPads, laptops and Macbooks. It is also ideal for protecting fruit and food during transport.

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Our Factory

As the leading air column bag making machine manufacturer factory in China, we have customized design to meet your special packing requirement.
If you are struggling with how to better protect your products and reduce the breakage rate.
If you need a more reliable air column cushion bag rolls making machine supplier to provide you with long-term stable supply.
If you want to save packaging costs and improve packaging efficiency.
We will be your reliable packaging machine supplier and partner.
Our professional engineers, advanced machines, and strict production process control are all guarantees to provide you with high-quality inflatable air column cushion bag rolls making machine.


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