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Everspring Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of environmental-friendly protective packaging equipment, who focuses on providing one-stop solutions in protective packaging equipments and Eco-friendly materials to customers worldwide.

At Everspring, we provide innovative products & completely unique service that help you save time and expenses. We have delivered high quality protective packaging solutions to a lot countries in the world. We partner with you to improve your business performance and profitability and to make the earth a cleaner, greener and more livable place for our children.

Our company focus on a revolutionary business mode rooted in sustainability, innovation and service. We develop innovative solutions for protecting products in ways that benefit businesses, customers and the earth.

Today, we are a professional company, with a lot good eco-friendly machines to the world. Our engineers are in the top level in the area of paper protective packaging and a world of fresh ideas. They are always inventing new and better ways to enhance our manufacturing processes, materials, and solutions.


About Our Products

Our products include: Honeycomb envelope mailer making machine, Corrugated cardboard padded machines, paper bubble conversion lines, Honeycomb rolls making machine, Kraft paper fan folding making machine, Air column cushion rolls making machine, Air cushion film rolls making machine, Paper cushion machine, Air bubble rolls making machines, Paper bubble film cushion making machines etc.

Our Expertise

Precise sales, think what you think

By inspecting the global paper bag production status, comprehensively considering the suggestions of sustainable packaging industry, according to the actual needs of different customers, we design and produce a variety of configuration models, allowing customers to choose flexibly.

Excellent R& D management

We have an excellent R& D design team and excellent management talents in the packaging machine industry. We fully understand the actual needs of the packaging industry, ensuring that every piece of equipment we manufacture can be affirmed by customers and create greater benefits.

After-sale guarantee

Provide customers with comprehensive and timely after-sales service and a sense of service in the end.