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  • How To Choose Sustainable Packaging?

    How To Choose Sustainable Packaging?

    Consumers want sustainability, but they don’t want to be misled. Innova Market Insights notes that since 2018, environmental claims such as “carbon footprint,” “reduced packaging,” and “plastic-free” on food and beverage packaging have nearly doubled (92%...
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  • Plastic Packaging Has Future?

    Plastic Packaging Has Future?

    Recently, Innova Market Insights revealed its major packaging trends research for 2023, with “plastic circularity” leading the way. Despite anti-plastic sentiment and increasingly strict waste management regulations, plastic packaging consumption will continue to grow. Many forward-th...
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  • Renewable Packaging

    Renewable Packaging

    Not everyone is keen on petrochemical plastics. Concerns about pollution and climate change, as well as geopolitical uncertainties around the supply of oil and gas – exacerbated by the Ukraine conflict – are driving people towards renewable packaging made from paper and bioplastics. ...
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