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Air column cushion making machine

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Main technical parameters of Air column bag rolls making Machine EVS-1200:


1. Applicable material: PE-PA high pressure material

2. Maximum. Unwinding width: 1200mm, max. Unwinding diameter: 650mm

3. Bag making speed: 50-90 bags/min

4. Mechanical speed: 110 bags/min

5. Bag size range: 60mm-200mm

6. Maximum. Bag width: 1200mm, max. Bag length: 450mm

7. Exhaust expansion shaft: 3 inches

8. Self-winding: 2 inches

9. Power supply voltage: 220V-380V, 50Hz.

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Machine Introduction

Our air column packaging machine is an innovative production line that utilizes advanced technology to produce various types of air-filled bags for packaging. These bags, including cushion bags, fill bags and paper bladders, are made from durable PE co-extruded film. Our inflatable air column packaging is made of high-quality materials, including LDPE+15%PA (Nylon), which provides excellent shock absorption and protection for fragile products during transportation. These products are cost-effective, space-saving, recyclable, and sealed for a long time. They are very suitable for logistics and transportation, small household appliances, computer communications and electronic consumables, lamps, fragile high-end consumer goods, automotive electronics, and electrical products. Additionally, they are used to package toner cartridges, lights, GPS, computers, and other electronics, providing valuable moisture, water, and shock resistance.

As a leading air bag packing machine and air bag packing column machine manufacturer in China, we take pride in producing innovative products such as our air bottle protector making machine and air bottle packing post pad making machine. These machines greatly increase the operational efficiency of our customers, allowing them to seamlessly meet their packaging needs. With our air bag machines and shipping air bag machines, businesses can protect their products and simplify their packaging process.

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1. The linear structure of this machine is simple, and the installation and operation are convenient.

2. The air column bag machine or air cushion bag making machine adopts high-quality pneumatic components, electrical systems and operating components of advanced brands. In addition, other machine parts are all from the best machine supply chain area in China, which makes the machine more stable than others in the market. Customers can pretty much expect post-retail questions.

3. The machine is designed to be highly automated and intelligently run, and we are the only supplier in China with automatic winding function.

4. This machine adopts advanced motion control technology, from unwinding to cutting and forming are all controlled by computer.

5. The inflatable air column cushion packaging machine is controlled by PLC and frequency converter, and it is easy to operate with the control panel.

6. Electronic eye tracking parameter setting, the effect is instant and accurate, and the operation is smooth.

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