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Paper Air bubble film making machine

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Main technical parameters of Paper air cushion bag roll making machine EVS-800:

1. This machine is suitable for processing PE low-pressure material and PE high-pressure material.

2. The unwinding width is not greater than 800mm, and the maximum unwinding diameter is 750mm.

3. The bag making speed is 135-150 bags/min.

4. The mechanical speed can reach 160 packs/min.

5. The maximum bag width is 800mm, and the bag length is 400mm.

6. The diameter of the exhaust expansion shaft is 3 inches.

7. With automatic winding function, it can process materials with a diameter of 2 inches.

8. It can also be wound independently, and can handle materials with a diameter of 3 inches.

9. The power supply voltage is between 220V-380V, 50Hz.

10. The total power of the machine needs to be 15.5KW.

11. The mechanical weight of the whole machine is 3.6 tons.

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Machin Introduction

Our paper bubble bag packaging film making machine is also known as automatic paper bubble film bag making machine, paper bubble bag air cushion film making machine, or paper bubble machinery. It is designed for DHL and FedEx, but can be used for other applications as well. This machine seals the air channel, seals the film edge, and cuts a line across the line, which is suitable for PE co-extrusion packaging film. It is widely used in the packaging of electronic products, scraps, luggage and other items, providing exquisite and beautiful packaging.

Our single ply paper air bubble film making machine is power saving, efficient and easy to operate. It is a mechatronic device capable of producing high-quality bubble wrap at a speed suitable for a large-scale production environment. Frequency conversion speed regulation has a wide range, controls the entire production line, and realizes stepless speed change. Independent release and pick-up motors make production more efficient.

Loaded and unloaded products are easily handled with this machine thanks to the air shafts in the winding and unwinding section. It is equipped with various functions such as automatic homing, automatic alarm and automatic stop to ensure precision and reliability. There is also a fully automatic EPC device in the unwinding part to make the film uniform.

The winding and unwinding part adopts high-function potential sensor to ensure continuous film feeding and stable unwinding. This machine adopts the grating device integrated with motor reducer and brake, no belt chain, no noise, more stable and more accurate operation. The unwinding of this machine adopts optical eye EPC, which makes the film smoother and tighter, further enhances its appearance, and creates better products for your packaging needs.
Although not the longest machine in the market, our model is the most upgraded in China, and more and more well-known packaging companies turn to our machine to upgrade their air column cushioning bag production lines.

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