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Automatic Air Bubble Bag Making Machine

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Main technical parameters of Automatic Air Bubble Bag Making Machine EVS-800:

1. This machine can process both PE low-pressure material and PE high-pressure material.

2. The maximum unwinding width is 800mm, and the maximum unwinding diameter is 750mm.

3. The bag making speed can reach 135-150 bags per minute.

4. With mechanical upgrade, the bag making speed can be increased to 160 bags/min.

5. The maximum bag width is 800mm, and the bag length is 400mm.

6. The diameter of the exhaust expansion shaft is 3 inches.

7. The automatic winding adopts a 2-inch winding core.

8. Independent winding adopts 3-inch iron core.

9. The power supply voltage required by this machine is between 22V-380V, 50Hz.

10. The total power consumption of this machine is 15.5KW.

11. The weight of the whole machine is 3.6 tons.

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inflatable Paper Bubble Wrap making machine, Paper Air Bubble Film rolls making machine, Packing paper Air Cushions making machine.

Our paper air cushion bag making machine, also known as buffer paper air tube bag making machine, is a multi-functional machine integrating three functions of airway sealing, edge sealing film and cross cutting. It is suitable for PE co-extrusion packaging film, widely used in the packaging of electronic products, leftover materials, luggage and other items. The machine produces high-quality packaging products that enhance the overall appeal of packaged items. Double-row gourd pillow type air cushion film rolling machine and biological air cushion film rolling production line are energy-saving, efficient, and easy to operate, and are ideal mechatronic equipment.

Our paper bubble bag winders and packaging bubble bag making machines are ideal for companies that need to produce bubble wrap quickly and efficiently. These machines produce high-quality bubble wrap at speeds suitable for large-scale production environments.

We also provide environmentally friendly paper packaging machinery, such as honeycomb mailing bag making machine and honeycomb paper bag making machine. These machines are the perfect solution for companies that need high quality bags at an affordable price. They are easy to operate and maintain, and come with a range of features that make them ideal for large-scale manufacturing operations.

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient and high quality packaging machinery supplier like Paper Bubble Bag Rolling Machine, Paper Bubble Cushion On Demand Making Machine, Paper Air Cushion Bubble Bag Rolling Machine, look no further. We are committed to meeting your needs and delivering quality packaging machinery that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help your business grow.

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