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Paper air cushion film making machine

Short Description:

Main technical parameters of Automatic paper air pillow film roll making machine EVS-600:


  1. Applicable material PE low pressure material PE high pressure material
  2. Discharging width ≤ 600mm, unwinding diameter ≤ 800mm
  3. Bag making speed 150-170 / min
  4. Mechanical speed 190 / min
  5. Bag making width ≤ 600mm bag making length 600mm
  6. Discharge gas expansion shaft: 3 inches
  7. Auto winding: 2 inches
  8. Power supply voltage: 22v-380v, 50Hz
  9. Total power: 12.5KW
  10. Mechanical weight: 3.2T
  11. Equipment Color: white and green
  12. Mechanical size: 6660mm*2480mm*1650mm

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Paper Air cushion film roll making machine also called buffer paper air pillow bag making machine is sealing air way, seal film side and cross-cut in one line, suitable for PE co-extruded packaging film. The products are widely used in packaging electronic products, shredded products, bags and other items filled in the center to get the more refined and beautiful packaging products. The machine is power saving, high efficiency and simple operation, mechatronics equipment.


1, Paper Air Packing Bags machine, Air Pouch film roll making machine , Air pillow Packaging making machine are simple linear type structure, easy in installation and operation.

2, Adopts advanced brand components like the pneumatic parts, electric system and operation parts. All the other machine parts are purchased from the best machine supplier chain area in China, which make the whole machine more stable than others. Almost zero after-sales needed from our clients.

3, Running in a high automatization and intellectualization way. We are the unique supplier of the machine with Automatic rewinding in China.

4, Paper Air pillow cushion film rolls production line, Air Cushioning film making machine, Air cushioning film production line, Air cushioning film roll conversion line adopts advanced motion control technology, from unwinding to cutting forming, are controlled by computer

5, Automatic Machine controlled by PLC and Inverter. Easy operation with control panel.

6, Parameter setting effect immediately, tracked by electronic eyes, smooth and accurate.

7, Widely frequency range of inverters are controlling the whole production line, stepless speed changing, individual release and pick up motors make production more productive.

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