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Z type Paper bundle conversion line

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15years experience

Factory direct

Stable working system.

PLC correction

Automatic tension control system

High precision perforation

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Description of Z type Paper bundle conversion line

The fanfold paper folding machine convert the fan-folded pack bundles for paper void-fill machines. These fan-folded packs of paper offer easy handling and storage and a minimum time for machine loading. For use with the Ranpak brand like FillPak Trident, FillPakSL, FillPak TTC, FillPak TT, FillPak M, Storopack brand PAPERplus SHOOTER, Sealed Air brand asFil Jet,FasFil Jr, FasFil 1500, FasFil M, FasFil Mini, and FasFil Jr. etc Smart void fill machines. Suitable for side and top void filling.

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Product Specification

1. Max Width: 30.7”(780mm)
2. Unwind Max Roll dia: 55”(1400mm)
3. Paper weight :50-90g/㎡
4. Speed: 5-300m/min
5. Fold Length:11inch
6. Power: 220V/50HZ/2.2KW
7. Size : 5957* 1610*1951MM
8. Motor: China brand
9. Switch: Siemens
10. Weight: 5000KG
11. Paper tube dia: 76mm(3inch)

Our Factory

Our company is one of the largest protective packaging conversion production line manufacturer like the Honeycomb post mailer manufacture line, Honeycomb postal mailer manufacture line, Paper embossed envelope bag making machine, Corrugated paper bag making line, Honeycomb paper converting line, Honeycomb paper roll manufacturing line, Fanfold paper processing machine etc.




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