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Fanfold paper packs machine manufacturer factory China

Short Description:

Fast speed and stable operation

Speed adjustable

Self-developed & patented

Easy Maintenance, quiet cutting

Emergency stop for safety operation

Introduction of  Fan-folded paper packs conversion line

The fanfold kraft paper machine to convert paper to be used as void-fill, ‘inside the box’ packaging, offering strong protection for items being transported by DHL, FEDEX, UPS ect or in the post. The paper is 100% recycled and enviromental friendly. This is a highly cost-effective, simple and efficient system.

Product Detail

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Machin Introduction

Advantages of Industrial Paper folding machine
15years experience
Factory direct
Stable working system.
PLC correction
Automatic tension control system
High precision perforation

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Product Specification

1. Max Width: 30.7”(780mm)
2. Unwind Max Roll dia: 55”(1400mm)
3. Paper weight :50-90g/㎡
4. Speed: 5-300m/min
5. Fold Length:11inch
6. Power: 220V/50HZ/2.2KW
7. Size : 5957* 1610*1951MM
8. Motor: China brand
9. Switch: Siemens
10. Weight: 5000KG
11. Paper tube dia: 76mm(3inch)

Our Factory

Our company is one of the largest protective packaging conversion production line manufacturer like the air bubble rolls making machine, paper air bubble making machine, air pillow rolls machine, Corrugated paper bag manufacturing line, Honeycomb paper roll die cut making machine, Fanfold Z type paper folding machine for Ranpak for paper cushion machines etc.




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