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Kraft paper Folding Machine

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Fanfold paper folding manufacturing production line, CE, ISO certified, OEM service available, 7×24 professional English speaking online service.

Introduction of  kraft paper folding machine

Kraft paper folding machine is designed to produce the Z type fan-folded paper packs bundles for the paper void filling machine like Ranpak, Storopak, Sealedair etc. And the paper cushion machine machine to make the paper cushion to be widely used in in-side-box protective packaigng industry and a lot E-commerce industry to protect goods during the transportation.

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Description of kraft paper folding machine

This machine adopts frequency converter stepless speed regulation, automatic tension controller, photoelectric correction system, electronic counting, cast iron wallboard, which effectively guarantees the fast and stable paper feeding, automatic paper feeding, pneumatic pressing knife, pneumatic pressing wheel, automatic separation Cutting, crimping, punching, crimping, slitting, and folding can be done at one time, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs. It is suitable for processing various specifications of paper and carbonless copy paper.

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Product Specification

1. Max Width:500mm
2. Max Diameter:1000mm
3. Paper weight:40-150g/㎡
4. Speed:5-200m/min
5. Length :8-15inch(Standard 11inch)
6. Power:220V/50HZ/2.2KW
7. Size:2700mm(main body)+750mm(Paper loadng)
8. Motor:China brand
9. Switch:Siemens
10. Weight:2000KG
11. Paper tube diameter:76mm(3inch)
12. Paper supply shaft:1 (air shaft)

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