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Honeycomb Wrap Roll Making Machine

Short Description:

Main features of hexcelwrap cushioning kraft paper making machine EVH-500:

Embossing roll quick disassembly structure,

Automatic tension control,

Fast dynamic response,

High die cutting speed.

Full integrated circuit control,

Variable frequency speed regulation,

Automatic counting pause.

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Machine introduction of Honeycomb Paper Kraft Buffer Paper Making Machine

Machine introduction

This Geami paper wrapping production machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, fully integrated circuit control. Complete functions, good repeatability, stable speed. Reliable work. Absolutely correct movement. Winding and unwinding tension is automatically controlled. Two sections of electronic meter to ensure the accuracy.

Honeycomb paper is made according to the principle of honeycomb structure in nature. This Kraft Honeycomb Paper Packaging Making Machine is used for die-cutting kraft base paper. After gently pulling the die-cutting, countless hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons are formed to form a whole stress-bearing part-paper core, which is a A new type of environmental protection and energy saving material with honeycomb cell structure.


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