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Honeycomb wrap cushion rolls making machine

Short Description:

Main technical parameters of Honeycomb wrap cushion rolls making machine EVH-500:

1.Applicable material 80G kraft paper

2.Unwinding width 500mm, unwinding diameter 1200mm

3.Speed 100-120m / min

4.Bag making width 800mm

5.Discharge gas expansion shaft: 3 inches

6.Power supply voltage: 22v-380v, 50Hz

7.Total power: 20KW

8.Mechanical weight: 1.5T

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Machine introduction of Honeycomb Paper Kraft Buffer Paper Making Machine

This Protective Honeycomb Paper Roll Forming Machine is used for cutting and rewinding kraft paper roll into honeycomb rolls.

It is light in weight, small size, low noise. Also with high efficiency and energy saving. Fast dynamic response and stable running speed are the significant advantages.

This Honeycomb paper converting line adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, fully integrated circuit control. Complete functions, good repeatability, stable speed. Reliable work. Absolutely correct movement. Winding and unwinding tension is automatically controlled. Two sections of electronic meter to ensure the accuracy.

Features of Honeycomb paper roll manufacturing line:


The main roller cutter can last 6 month
Make about 2millon meter honeycomb paper before maintenance.
Save maintenance cost for you.

Unwinding adopts air expansion shaft for loading, 10kg brake automatic tension (50kg), hydraulic automatic feeding (feeding weight 1.5 tons and diameter 1200mm);

Compare with other machines, the honeycomb paper produced by our machine, has high strength, good structural stability, which provided perfect cushioning performance for protection.


Compare with other machines, the honeycomb rolls produced by our machine is quite neat and tight, no wrinkles after stretching, provide you excellent cushioning.

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