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Kraft Paper Jumbo Roll Automatic and Rewinding Machine

Short Description:

Main technical parameters of Kraft Paper Jumbo Roll Automatic and Rewinding Machine EVR-800:

1. Applicable materials: mainly for the fixed-length rolls of Kraft paper, gift paper, wallpaper, plastic film, non-woven fabrics and other rolls.

2. Cutting type: manual cutting.

3. Max unwinding diameter: Φ1400mm

4. Max unwinding width: 800mm

5. Max rewinding diameter: Φ260mm (winding air shaft.)

6. Max mechanical speed: 20-150 m/min

7. Backup power of the whole machine: 3KW

8. Dimensions: 7500×1500×2000mm

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Introduction of High Speed Automatic Kraft Paper Roll Rewinding Machine

This Kraft Paper Jumbo Roll Automatic and Rewinding Machine is used for rewinding jumbo big kraft paper roll into smaller rolls, which can be used by the paper cushion machine like Ranpak, Storopack, Sealedair etc. The paper padded cushioning machine to make the rolls to be paper padded to protect the items during transportation.

This Kraft paper winder machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, fully integrated circuit control. Complete functions, good repeatability, stable speed. Reliable work. Absolutely correct movement. Winding and unwinding tension is automatically controlled. Two sections of electronic meter to ensure the accuracy.

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