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Kraft Honeycomb Paper Envelope Buffer Bag Making Machine

Short Description:

1) Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation and maintainence .

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.

3). Strong and neat sealing with biodegradable and cost effective water glue

4) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization, eco-friendly

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Machin Introduction

Summary of Kraft Honeycomb Paper Envelope Buffer Bag Making Machine

1. This Kraft Honeycomb Paper Envelope Buffer Bag Making Machine is designed for making mailer bags after the kraft paper and the online bubble paper or the honeycomb paper or the corrugated paper are glued together by water and hot heat glue.
2. Bag making method: three rolls of kraft paper are put into the release frame, the middle layer of kraft paper is in the middle of the three release frames for pressing bubble, bubble paper or honeycomb paper or corrugated paper is fixed in the middle layer of two layers of kraft paper by way of fixed point spraying glue, after longitudinal and horizontal pressing, then horizontal secondary spraying glue, folded and sealed by hot pressing and then cut into an environmental protection buffer packaging bag with buffer function for express delivery.
3. The machine adopts advanced motion control technology, from material unwinding to cutting and forming, all controlled by computer, the paper bags produced are flat and environmentally friendly, the sealing is strong and reliable, simple to operate and easy to understand, it is a high-quality special bag-making equipment.
4, The machine can also produce: honeycomb mailer bags, Corrugated cardboard mailer bag, Embossed paper bubble mailer bag as below.

Compostable bags
Honeycomb envelope machine details 1
Honeycomb envelope machine details 2
Honeycomb envelope  machine details 3
Honeycomb envelope machine details 4

Product Specification

Technical Parameters of Kraft Honeycomb Paper Envelope Buffer Bag Making Machineconversion line




Kraft Paper, Honeycomb paper

Unwinding Width

≦1200 mm

Unwinding Diameter

≦1200 mm

Speed of Making Bag

30-50 units /min

Machine Speed

60 /min

Bag Width

≦800 mm

Bag Length

650 mm

Unwinding Part

Shaftless pneumatic Cone Jacking Device

Voltage of Power Supply


Total Power

28 KW

Machine Weight

15.6 T

Appearance Color  of Machine

White Plus GrayYellow

Machine Dimension


14 mm thick Steel Slates for The Whole Machine   (The machine is plastic sprayed.)

Air Supply

Auxiliary Device

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Honeycomb envelope machine at oversea

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