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Fanfold kraft paper making machine

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Introduction of  Fanfold kraft paper making machine

Our state-of-the-art fanfold paper punchers are capable of producing high-quality void-fill packaging. Made of paper, these packages are ideal for filling the extra space in the shipping carton and protecting the product during transit. By preventing items from shifting within the carton, our void-fill solutions reduce the potential for damage during shipping. Our paper-based fill materials are highly effective at absorbing shock and protecting sensitive products, while also being environmentally friendly and sustainable compared to plastic packaging.

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Description of Fanfold kraft paper making machine

Our high-performance fanfold paper folders efficiently convert multipurpose fanfold paper packaging to accommodate a variety of paper gap fillers. These specially designed paper packs provide easy storage and handling and require minimal loading time, increasing the efficiency of packaging operations. Compatible with a variety of leading brands such as Ranpak, Storopack and Sealed Air, our paper based filling materials are ideal for side and top filling operations with smart void filling machines. Choose from our environmentally friendly and sustainable void filling solutions to protect your products and reduce the risk of damage during shipping.

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Product Specification

1. The maximum width is 500mm.

2. The maximum diameter is 1000mm.

3. Applicable paper weight 40g/㎡-150g/㎡.

4. The speed range is between 5m/min and 200m/min.

5. The length ranges from 8 inches to 15 inches, 11 inches is the standard length.

6. Need 220V/50HZ/2.2KW power supply.

7. The size of the whole machine is 2700mm (main machine) plus paper 750mm.

8. The motor is a Chinese brand.

9. The switch is from Siemens.

10. The weight of the whole machine is about 2000KG.

11. The machine uses a paper tube with a diameter of 76mm (3 inches).

Our Factory

We are a renowned manufacturer of protective packaging converting lines, offering a range of innovative machines including Bubble Rollers, Paper Bubble Rollers, Air Pillow Rollers, Honeycomb Paper Pad Mailers and Z-Fold Fanfold Paper Machines for cushioning applications. Our expertise in this field has made us one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, able to cater to a wide range of customer needs.




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