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DHL paper padded mailer bag making machine

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DHL paper padded mailer bag making machine, CE, ISO certified, OEM service available, 7×24 professional English speaking online service.

Introduction of  DHL paper padded mailer bag making machine

Honeycomb paper cushion mailer bag making machine is designed to produce the honeycomb or paper bubble or corrugated padded bag mailer envelope bags to be widely used in protective packaigng industry like DHL, UPS, Fedex express industry and also used in Amazon express delivery and a lot E-commerce industry to protect goods during the trasportation.

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Machin Introduction

Description of DHL paper padded mailer bag making machine

Paper bags produced by Honeycomb Paper Envelope Machine and Paper Bubble Envelope Machine can replace our common plastic bubble film packaging bags, to reduce the white plastics pollution to make our earth greener, cleaner and more livable for human being.
The machine can be optional for other bags below:
1. Bottom Gusset Bag Machine: Bottom envelope bag can replace gray and black film express bag, paper-plastic composite bag, and transparent paper can replace POPP clothing bag, hospital pill bag and so on.
2. Honeycomb Paper Rolling Cutting Machine: Honeycomb paper can replace bubble film to package cosmetics, medicine bottles, circuit boards, electronic originals, etc., with a good buffer effect.
3. Corrugated Paper Envelope Machine: Corrugated cardboard paper to replace the honeycomb paper as the protection cushion.

Compostable bags
Honeycomb envelope machine details 1
Honeycomb envelope machine details 2
Honeycomb envelope  machine details 3
Honeycomb envelope machine details 4

Product Specification


Kraft Paper ,Honeycomb Paper

Unwinding Width

≦1200 mm

Unwinding Diameter

≦1200 mm

Speed of Making Bag

30-50 units /min

Machine Speed

60 /min

Bag Width

≦800 mm

Bag Length

650 mm

Unwinding Part

Shaftless pneumatic Cone Jacking Device

Voltage of Power Supply


Total Power

28 KW

Machine Weight

15.6 T

Appearance Color  of Machine

White Plus GrayYellow

Machine Dimension


14 mm thick Steel Slates for The Whole Machine   (The machine is plastic sprayed.)

Air Supply

Auxiliary Device

Our Factory

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Precise sales, think what you think

By inspecting the global paper bag production status, comprehensively considering the suggestions of sustainable packaging industry, according to the actual needs of different customers, we design and produce a variety of configuration models, allowing customers to choose flexibly.

Excellent R& D management

We have an excellent R& D design team and excellent management talents in the packaging machine industry. We fully understand the actual needs of the packaging industry, ensuring that every piece of equipment we manufacture can be affirmed by customers and create greater benefits.

After-sale guarantee

Provide customers with comprehensive and timely after-sales service and a sense of service in the end.

Honeycomb envelope machine at oversea

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