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Inflatable air cushion film making machine

Short Description:

Main technical parameters of Inflatable air cushion film making machine EVS-600:

1. Applicable materials: PE low pressure material and PE high pressure material

2. Unwinding width: ≤600mm, unwinding diameter: ≤800mm

3. Bag making speed: 150-170 bags/min

4. Mechanical speed: 190 bags/min Bag width: ≤600mm, bag length: 600mm

5. Exhaust expansion shaft: 3 inches

6. Self-winding: 2 inches

7. Power supply voltage: 22V-380V, 50Hz

8. Total power: 12.5KW

9. Mechanical weight: 3.2T

10. Equipment color: white and green

11. Mechanical size: 6660mm (length) x 2480mm (width) x 1650mm (height)

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Machin Introduction

Air Bubble Bag making machine, Air Bags for Packing making machine, Inflatable Air Packaging rolls making machine.

Inflatable air bag bag making machine is a fully automatic system that efficiently manufactures air inflatable bag rolls through the process of material folding, heating and cutting. Advanced motion control technology throughout, computer control every step from unwinding to cutting and forming. Every bag produced is well-crafted, and the overall quality is smooth, beautiful and reliable. In addition, the robot is user-friendly, with easy-to-understand operating instructions in both Chinese and English. The whole mechanical structure is reasonable and compact in design, with low running noise, while providing microcomputer control, liquid crystal display and all necessary controls for optimal performance. Overall, the marine inflatable air bag making machine is an excellent equipment choice for anyone who needs bubble bag or kraft paper bubble wrap production.

Main Features

1. The air bag rolling machine has a simple linear structure, easy to install and operate.

2. Our inflatable packaging bag production line is equipped with advanced components, such as pneumatic components, electrical systems and operating components. Also, we source all other machine parts from the best suppliers in China. This ensures the stability of the machine and brings almost zero after-sales problems for our customers.

3. Our airbag packaging machine has a high level of automation and intelligence. We are the only supplier in China that provides this kind of machine automatic rewind.

4. The air cushion bag making machine adopts advanced motion control technology. From uncoiling to cutting and forming, every process is controlled by computer.

5. The machine is controlled by PLC and inverter, and it is easy to operate with the control panel.

6. Parameter settings take effect immediately, electronic eye tracking, smooth and accurate results.

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